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Quinn's Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) - S.J.D. Peterson Review was originally written for MM Good Book Reviews by Pixie


I don’t know what to say… I am speechless… How on earth has SJD done it again? Quinn is still struggling with his devastation of Lorcan’s leaving him. He manages to cope day to day, but only with the help of the subs, at the club. He somehow doesn’t fall back into despair. Lorcan is still with Jess, but although he loves Jess he still has to fight his desire for Quinn.

Oh My God… this is… I just… I am freaking gobsmacked. When Quinn learns that Lorcan and Jess are coming back he goes to The Push and his favorite sub Ty. And he does something he has never done before; stayed the night with someone and maybe it’s the start of something more meaningful.

Okay, this one is going to tear you apart and make you wish that you could change everything. You will love and hate Quinn, Lorcan and Jess, but you will just love Ty who has a heart-breaking story in his past. This is again not going to end how you want it to (well how I wanted it to anyway), and your heart will break for what the mean author put Jess through. It was devastating and I just sat there thinking “Oh My God” why, why, why did you do that to him.” I did also feel sorry for Lorcan with what he had to go through, as well, but I was also really pleased that he seemed to have grown up a lot since the last book. Quinn is just clueless as to how Ty feels about him. I mean Ty helps him a lot and they get along great so I got my hopes up but then they were dashed. God. Quinn, I know you love Lorcan and all but geeze man where’s your balls, he stomped all over your heart for Christ’s sake.

This book is brilliant, the story-line is fantastic, the characters are incredible and they have developed and become better people since the last book. The sex is hot, erotic and kinky and there was enough to keep you humming along nicely. The emotions that you feel during this book makes your head spin as you just don’t know who you want to come out on top, Ty or Lorcan. Which one should get Quinn? Jess or Quinn? Which one should get Lorcan? It’s just so hard to choose.

So, boys and girls, this book will frustrate you, wring your heart out, make you stomp your feet and grind your teeth. Will make you wish that you could grab these characters and shake some sense into them. Will make you wish that it was inter-active so you can say ‘No don’t, he’ll break your heart’ and ‘No Ty’s better for you’. So I have to recommend you go out and get this book… it is just fantastic.

Well, Hell… I have to wait ‘til February FEBRUARY for the next book… I don’t think I can do it… I can’t wait that long… I think I have to go author hunting… Bwahaha Mwahaha… you were warned.