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Mourning Jack - S.A. Meade Ade and Jack were as close as brothers. If fact, when Ade’s family didn’t take his coming out well, Jack’s family became his surrogate parents and all but adopted Ade. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to honor his friend. But, falling in love with Jack’s lover wasn’t on his agenda…it just kinda happened.

The title of this book kind of threw me. Maybe, it’s me, but this was so much more than Ade or even Cal mourning Jack. Don’t get me wrong; even though he’s dead before the book even begins, Jack is a primary character in this book. But, for me, this is Ade’s story. Despite his love of cooking, his job has become a chore. He fights his attraction for Cal, because he feels like it’s too soon, if ever they are meant to explore the mutual chemistry between them. He really just wants a normal life, with a normal man who loves him.

I loved the glimpse into English village life that Mourning Jack gives the reader. There is a laid back pace that really worked for me. I can’t tell you more of the plot, because there are a few twist there that were totally unexpected. But, the ending left me with a smile. Ade and Cal mourn Jack in very different ways, but in the end they both found a way to fill the void that his passing left. This is a very well written novel and I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy a gentler pace to their romance and lovers who find love in unexpected place.

And on a side note: If S. A. Meade were a nice person, she would post recipes for all the lovely dishes that Ade creates throughout this book. J