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Don't Judge a Book... - Scarlet Blackwell Rhys is a librarian’s assistant. He spends his days filing books and helping patrons. He loves his job and is content to spend his evenings reading alone in his apartment. Darren is a youthful offender assigned to Rhys’ library for community service in lieu of jail time. He just wants to do his hours and get the hell away from Rhys.

This book is wonderful. Darren and Rhys start in on each other from the very beginning. Darren sees Rhys as a pretentious geek and Rhys sees Darren as an illiterate Philistine. Neither is really aware that all that animosity is masking a whole heap of sexual tension.

Rhys is out and proud and tends to gravitate towards men who are only interested in casual hook-ups. Darren has never been with another guy, but he can’t seem to keep his hands off of Rhys. I loved that these two are from a different space than usually found in UK romance. They’re young, working class stiffs; they cuss, drink and are absolutely beautiful together. The lovin’ is hot and the overall tone is kinda gritty and urban without falling into that genre fully. It would have been nice to see more of their home lives, but we get enough to know where each is coming from.

Darren is a bit of an idiot…at first. But, he manages to make it to happily ever after in one piece. He might not have started the book “gay, but admits, by the end, he’s “bent as fuck.” J Highly recommending.