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Professor's Keeper - Nicole Dennis Alistair is the quintessential goofy professor. He got his first college degree while kids his age were still learning to tie their shoes. He is a certified genius with zero social skills. He may be able to map the human genome with his eyes closed, but he could really use a keeper in his personal life. Rhys is a wounded soldier who finds taking care of Alistair is more fun than rehab.

I hate to say it, but this is the first Nicole Dennis book that I enjoyed start to finish. She writes really sweet romances that just don’t appeal to my jaded nature. Professor’s Keeper was sweet but not too sappy. Alistair is the cutest thing. He reminds me a lot of the Criminal Minds character Dr. Spencer Reid. He uses big words when he’s nervous. (* Note: I would have given this story a higher rating, except for the fact that sometimes Alistair fell out of character and used words that were not consistent with his history or education.) Rhys may be big and strong, but since being forced to leave the military, he’s kind of lost. Taking care of Alistair gives him a reason to wake up in the morning. He is organized and patient and just what Alistair need. And sexually, Alistair takes to intimacy like a duck to water. I got a bit nervous, when after only 4 hours Rhys invited himself to move into Allister’s home. But, while they shared a living space, Alistair asked the right questions to let me know he was not a complete codependent git. The guys take things pretty slow and everything is not champagne and roses. Trust me, when I say, Alistair can throw one hell of a temper tantrum. The I Loves you came early, but it wasn’t too far outside the realm of plausibility.

I also had a few hiccups with medical procedure and the whole burn rehab process, but most people wouldn’t notice. Me…major distraction. All in all, like I said, this is a sweet romance and I enjoyed reading it.