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Prove Me Wrong - Bethany Clark Tennyson is the quintessential academic fruitcake. He enjoys pushing the limits of social norms and making people squirm. He’s not exactly effeminate, but he opens the book in purple shoes. He’s an arrogant sod who looks down at the masses with utter disdain. When Kristian finds out Tennyson claims to have psychic abilities he scoffs at the very possibility. Tennyson, feeling generous, proposes an interesting wager. Kristian has ten opportunities to debunk Tennyson’s claim. Despite his skepticism, Kristian agrees, even to the part where he pays for every loss with a kiss.

I almost didn’t read this book. I assumed, incorrectly that “Kristian” was a female. Something told me to order Prove Me Wrong, anyway. I am beyond thrilled that I did. Despite being written in 1st person (Tennyson’s) POV, my least favorite, I loved this book. The writing is fluid and perfectly paced. Poor Tennyson, for all his genius, is clueless as to intimacy and relationships. His feelings scare the bejeezus out of him, but his natural curiosity makes him forge on.

Kristian and Tennyson’s relation is so sweet. It’s almost like they accidentally fall in love. For most of the book, it is mostly stolen kisses and cuddles. Tennyson is amazed at how satisfying dinner and a movie at home can be. Little by little their lives intermesh until they look up and realize what all their friends suspect…their dating. J The secondary characters that help them are great. I loved how by allowing himself to care for Kristian, Tennyson opened up to other relationships. Relationships with people who had been in his life, but he never really noticed.

My heart practically stopped when Kristian had an assphat moment near the end, but the ending left me with a smile on my face. Exquisite. Highly recommend.