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Kissing Orion - Orion knew the moment he laid eyes on Aaron that they were supposed to be together. Aaron isn’t into vampires, as a rule, but he’s willing to make an exception for the sexy vamp.

Kissing Orion is classic Amber Kell with a twist. Originally published in 2009, it is being reissued by Silver Publishing. As with many Kell tales, there is a nice suspense thread. In this case, drugs are being dealt out of Orion’s night club and Aaron is the lead detective on the case. Orion is a very typical alpha man; possessive, arrogant, etc. But, the twist is he’s so sweet. There is nothing he won’t do to make Aaron happy. Their relationship is very much a pairing of equals. The big strong vamp with the weak little human gets old. This was a refreshing deviation from the usual vamp/human duo.

Anyway back to the story. I was just about to be unhappy with the nice neat ending when Kell threw a major twist in the mix. Not quite a cliffhanger, but damn close. Secrets are revealed and Orion again shows himself to be the perfect partner for Aaron. Loved it. There sure had better be a book two or Amber Kell is going to have a very irritated reviewer on her hands. Highly recommend from the beautiful cover art, straight through until the happy-ever-after.