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Brothers In Arms (Recon Diaries, #1) - Kendall McKenna Jonah is a career soldier. He is a highly trained RECON Marine. They are the baddest of the bad, the toughest of the tough. They are not babysitters. This story begins with Jonah and his team baby-sitting a government investigator. Unfortunately, knowing what he is investigating is above their pay grade.

In my fantasy world, where I am queen, I would love to believe that Brothers in Arms is the result of my mad rantings. In the real world, I know Kendall McKenna’s debut novel was already “headed to the presses”, when I asked the M/M collective for something new. Nonetheless, Brothers in Arms definitely fits the bill.

I cannot imagine how much research went into this book. There is a mind-blowing amount of detail to military life, both before and after deployment. But, I can appreciate the skill with which McKenna draws pictures with words of a war zone. Names that appear daily in my, became real places populated with real people as I turned page after page. The words and actions of the marines were sometimes horrifically realistic, at other times tender or silly. While I read, I was transported to the unforgiving heat of the desert. Heat that is so constant, it is almost a character.

Jonah has swag for days, a real man’s man. But, he is also the true leader of his platoon. Sometimes, he forgets that the new guys haven’t “been there and one that”. Till his memories of Kellan’s words guide him. I love him. And Jonah and Kellan together…smokin’ hot. Set before the repeal of DADT, their lovin’ is mostly secretive touches and glances across the room. But, on the few occasions when they actually get to do the nasty…they get raw and dirty with it.

But, this is so much more than a romance. Actually, it is a war thriller with a very nice little suspense thread running through it. Corrupt government officials, gun running and dodging insurrectionists make for some very nice action scenes. Then there are enough unanswered questions, that even if Jonah and Kellan don’t make it back to the desert, the intrigue can continue.

My only complaint? What the hell happened with Yarwood?

Highly recommending this title and looking forward to seeing what else the brilliant mind of Kendall McKenna will produce.