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Bad Boyfriend (Bad in Baltimore, #2) - K.A. Mitchell I can honestly say, I have never read a K. A. Mitchell book that I didn’t like. Bad Boyfriend has everything that I’ve come to expect from K.A. Mitchell; namely, a very well-written story with believable characters who muddle through to their HEA.

Strictly speaking, this is Quinn’s story. He’s the first character we meet and I instantly pegged him as the sweet guy next door. Then enters Peter. From scene one, he rubbed me the wrong way and I kept my fingers crossed that Mitchell had a nice house fire planned, he could be trapped in. No such luck.

But, luckily, Peter was dumb as a brick and dumps poor Quinn. If he hadn’t, Quinn wouldn’t have met Eli and despite their differences, Eli is perfect for Quinn.

The guys from Bad Company feature quite heavily in Bad Boyfriend. But, if you didn’t read book one of this series, Bad Company, Bad Boyfriend still works as a standalone.

This was really an enjoyable read. Emotionally, it was a lot more angsty than the holiday novellas I’ve been gouging on this week. And there were a few instances where my Kindle was in danger of being thrown across the room. I hate when men make bone-headed decisions, because they’re too proud to ask questions. But, obviously, that is a fabulous plot device, designed especially to endanger Kindles all over the world.

Highly recommending this title.