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Facing The Truth - S. Dora Originally written for MM Good Book Reviews.

Isaac is almost twenty years older than his lover, Tom. They've been together for two years and Isaac still can't believe that this beautiful younger man loves him. During a weekend playtime, both men realize that mingled in with their mutual love and respect is a deep need for something darker.

This was an interesting book. It’s not often you are given an opportunity to peek into the beginning of a D/s relationship. Tom recognizes his own submissive nature and ask Isaac to dominate him. Isaac is floored with just how much he loves having Tom submit to him. This is his story. Between some scorching hot love scenes, these two talk a lot. And somehow, those conversations added to the sensuality of the book. And I have no idea whether the author is male or female, but the dialogue had a masculine authenticity I liked. *mini rant- Regardless of orientation, men tend to view life in terms of tasks/goals. When I am reading and a male character starts rambling off tasks, I hear a feminine voice in my head…very distracting.*

I also liked that Isaac was open with his insecurities. Again, normally, when you meet a Dom, he has already identified his personal kinks and at least begun training to safely dominate his partner. Isaac is on square one and watching him embrace his nature was very enlightening. There is more “plot” in Facing the Truth, then there was in Three, but the raw sensuality is the same. I highly recommend this title for those of you who like a bit of kink with your loving without it being over the top.