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The Librarian - Lee Brazil Ten years ago, Adrian and Val were roommates in college. For one week, they were even a bit more. But, even though their romance didn’t survive, their friendship has endured.

I loved this story!!! I almost didn’t read it. The title kinda threw me. I think of librarians as little old ladies with auditory issues; not a sexy Dominant with a Master’s in Library Science. Not to mention one with a brilliant mind and a killer body.

Truly, this has got to be one of the best seductions ever written. Adrian has waited ten years for the man he loves to get a clue. Since that obviously isn’t happening, Adrian takes matters into his own hands. Poor Val doesn’t know what hit him. I almost wanted to feel sorry for Val, but he has spent so many years looking for love in all the wrong places. A sneak attack was definitely in order. There was a hint of bondage, but honestly, there is way too much love and respect for that to fly.

This story is well written. Adrian might be the title character, but this is really the story of Valentino’s seduction. And the beautiful thing was that most of that seduction was with their clothes on. The lovin’ is hot and I can’t remember the last time I smiled so much, while reading a book.

I only pray that Lee Brazil stays in a nice, sweet relationship. Cuz, if he ever goes prowling…no one would be safe. The man’s mind is deliciously wicked. Highly recommend.