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Romancing the M.D. - Maureen Smith This book was muy caliente. There is a reason why Maureen Smith is a bestselling author. She is truly a master story teller. Whether it's contemporary or romantic suspense, Smith know how to dish up a steamy, ultra satisfying read.

In Romancing the MD, Tamara isn't your typical sweet heroine. The book starts with her standing toe to toe with 6'2" of Columbian hotness. Unlike other men in her life, Dr. Victor Aquilar Garcia respects her sharp mind and her hot "assets".

This book is hot. Excuse me for not being politically correct, but when you mix the passion of an educated Black woman with the fire of a Latin man, there was no way these two weren't going to be doing the horizontal tango...a lot.

But, this is more than just steamy bedroom scenes. Both had to let go of some cultural and professional issues in order to grow as a couple.

I have nothing but good things to review from Romancing the MD. The story is well written and nicely paced. The characters are multi-dimensional; even the secondary characters are interesting and the love story is amazing.

Maureen Smith place as one of my favorite writers is secure. Romancing the MD only solidifies my belief that Maureen Smith is a true romantic who doesn't mind making a couple work for their happy-ever-after. Highly recommend.