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In From the Cold - Mercy Celeste This was so not what I was expecting from Mercy Celeste. All the other books of hers, that I’ve read, were nice angsty contemporary romances. Boy meets boy. Boy acts the fool. Boy forgives Boy. Boys live happily ever after.

In From the Cold was that and so much more. The suspense of this novel was pretty intense and there were several scenes, near the end, that were amazingly horrific. If lifetime ever gets a clue and starts making LGBT moves, this would make a great movie.

“If you loved it so much, why not rate it a 5?” Well, now that Mercy has opened the door to romantic suspense, I want more. I want to see the evil in the bad guy, the fear in the good guys. There’s a taste of that in In From the Cold, but I want more…sue me, I’m greedy.

There are 2 more books planned for this series and I look forward to seeing if Mercy can do it again. I think she can. Buy the book, read the book…then you decide. Highly recommend!!