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Knightly Love - Fyn Alexander This review was written for MM Good Book Reviews.


Robin has been banished to a monastery after being caught with his hose around his ankles. His father was ever in despair, as he was never manly enough, but pushing his marriage early his father hopes it will make a man of him. Ben is a manly knight who Robin tends to when he is injured. When the time comes for them to leave, Ben to his home and Robin to get married, Ben takes things into his own hands to try to stop the marriage.

This is a very good medieval historical type story which is well written with very good characters and a great story-line and plot. Robin seems to have a very submissive personality that has been abused and trod upon by others, Ben expects men to behave in a certain way and Robin will act that way because Ben will train him. Robin is a lovely man and it was nice to see him develop into a more confident man. Ben, on the other hand, I wasn’t sure of because, at first, he seemed really nice then he changed and it made me not keen on him. But he came through in the end and turned out to be a proper knight in shining armor.

Now the sex is hot, in a primal medieval way and we do see quite a bit of kink because of Robin’s conditioning when he was younger. Robin also keeps secrets because he is ashamed but they keep being exposed which causes problems with Ben. Ben also has his own problem because he thinks that some things are just for women, which doesn’t make Robin to happy. There’s also some action in the fighting department which is quite cool.

So I recommend this for those who love medieval knights, hot men, a great story, sword fights, hot sex and a great ending.