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The Beast Within - Edward Kendrick This review was originally featured on MM Good Book Reviews and included a chat with the author.


This was an absolutely fabulous read. It starts by following three gay men who awaken after a night of clubbing not being able to remember details of their night befores. Intermingled is a police investigation, where gay men are turning up dead. It was very Agatha Christie and I loved it. I HAD to move to the next chapter to see who might have gone missing next.

In my mind, this book could be divided into three parts. Unfortunately, I can’t put labels on those parts or I’d have to give away the whole story. Suffice it to say, Edward Kendrick has penned a tale that is equal parts romance and suspense. There is grittiness in this book that I think he was going for in some of his other work but didn’t quite achieve.

I’d also like to note that I really appreciated the inclusion of an HIV positive character, albeit one of the secondary characters. Don’t worry, the guy doesn’t die or anything, but it was nice to see an author addressing the issue without getting all angsty.

I will say this: The Beast Within is not a quick paranormal read. There are no sexy werewolves or shifters coming to save the day. The Beast could dwell in anyone.

If you are up for a well-written tale of intrigue, broken men coming to terms with life and death and more than one beautiful love story…this is a definite must read.