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The Truck Driver - Serena Yates I love Serena Yates; and I loved this story. I love hot steamy sex as much as the next reader, but it’s always nice when intimacy is woven seamlessly into a nice little mystery.

At first, I expected Joshua to be some kind of damaged soul. That seems to be a pretty common character flaw in MM romance, recently. Instead, he turned out to be so much more than his past hurts. Sure he’d been hurt, who hasn’t, but he doesn’t allow his past to define him. He has definite goals and is a hard worker. When Robert takes an interest in him, he’s all for the amazing sex, but isn’t sure if he’s ready to jump into the murky possibility of a relationship. Not to mention that he’s sleeping with the BOSS.

Robert, on the other hand, is almost too good to be true. Once he found Joshua, he was willing to do anything to make their relationship work. It is so cool how he shows Joshua, in little ways, that he loves AND respects him, despite the huge differences in their bank account balances.

This was a really sweet romance that left me with a smile. It unfolded at a nice pace and I found myself rooting for them the whole time. Nice work, Ms. Yates.