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Exposure - Elizabeth  Lister Exposure is the debut offering of Elizabeth Lister. I'm not going to lie...this book surprised the hell out of me. I was expecting to find many of the mistakes that new writers make. I was surprised with the maturity that Ms. Lister brought to the party. The sexual chemistry between Martin and Jeremy burn hard and fast from the beginning. There is no lengthy "get to know your mind" period for these two. What I expected was more of the steamy porn on paper where this book begins.

But, this book was so much more than just exquisitely written sex scenes. I don't want to give away the meat of the book, but I loved the way Ms. Lister developed both of her main characters. The crisis that drops into their budding relationship, had the power to destroy it, before it had a chance develop fully. As a former healthcare worker, I assure you the medical aspects this book, especially the emotional reactions were spot on.

Ms. Lister is definitely one to watch. There are portions of this book that qualify as literary orgasms. Hot. Hot. Hawt. But, there is enough angst to make you want to go back and reread it, the moment you are done.