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Tangled Shadows (Celestial Surrender, #1) - Tina Christopher How Tina Christopher got this far in her career without setting off my radar is amazing. Nick that…she is amazing. She managed to combine an excellently plotted sci-fi adventure with realistic MMF ménage loving, to create a world I hope she will visit again in the future.

Galen and Nikolai assumed getting into Brooke’s head would be easy. After all Nikolai is an ancient vampire and Galen is of the Naeme race, powerful being somewhere between angels and demons. Image their surprise to find mental shield in place that even Brook cannot penetrate. I don’t know if what they do next is regulation interrogation on any planet, but it was smoking hot. And the fact that the triad is equal, emotionally and sexually, was a huge plus for me. We get to experience the genuine love and affection between the guys and watch as they break down all of Brooke’s carefully constructed defenses.

But even if there weren’t a whole lot of deliciously nasty sex scenes in this book, I think I would still have enjoyed it. The whole deal with Brooke’s amnesia and subsequent search and rescue was very entertaining. *side note* Brooke is kiss-ass with a sword. There weren’t a lot of secondary characters that don’t end up dead, but I’d pay money for a story about a certain fireball throwing rescuee.

This was my first Tina Christopher read and I enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t wait to find out if this was a one-off or if she really is that good with world-building, erotic romance and action adventure. Highly recommend