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Catalyst - S.L. Armstrong,  K. Piet This review was orginally written for MM Good Book Reviews by Pixie

Logan needs help to control his blood fetish. He knows it could have been so much worse and if he doesn’t get help then someone will end up dead. Kasper is a psychologist and his new patient has a problem with blood. As Kasper helps Logan he begins to fantasize about Logan and his desires.

This is a well written in-depth BDSM story. Logan is concerned that if he doesn’t get control of his fetish he will lose control and accidently kill someone; he’s had a close call and never wants it to happen again. Kasper begins to be pulled into Logan’s world of BDSM and once he gets past his embarrassment and shame he embraces it with open arms determined to be the best submissive ever… no matter what the cost.

Now this is a view of Doms and Subs that we don’t always see; the one where the Sub is calling the shots and is manipulating the Dom/Domme. Kasper has always strived to be the best and to impress his father. Even though his father has been dead 4yrs he still tries. Now he will impress Logan with how much he can take as a sub and become the best sub ever. Logan tries to rein Kasper in when he realizes that Kasper is manipulating him into causing him harm because Kasper refuses to have any limits no matter how much he is harmed.

This is definitely an in-depth psychological story. We have Logan who needs help and asks for it. We also have at one point Logan counseling Kasper over what he feels. and then Kasper refusing to admit that he has a problem that could kill him. This is an absolute fantastic story of two men who try to balance their needs but who both fall into despair when it falls apart. They then have to build up their trust and work out a compromise if they are going to live and love together.

A must read BDSM that will confuse, bemuse, have your heart ache and make you want to smack Kasper and knock sense into him. It is a bit controversial as well because Logan was Kasper’s client when they started their relationship and I am still in two minds about it as on the one hand Kasper knew better and Logan was a client but on the other Logan was a Dom who pushed the boundaries when he saw a spark of interest in Kasper’s eyes at the mention of submission, so to me they are both to blame. I don’t believe that Kasper meant to break Logan’s trust but it was ingrained in him to use everything to become the best.

I will recommend this to everyone who loves any type of BDSM, angst and a wonderfully written story that will have you feeling sorry for these two lovely confused men.