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The White Cat

The White Cat - Jennifer Thorne This review was originally written for MM Good Book Reviews.

I have read plenty of GLBT “fairy tales, and have yet to find one that really floats my boat…until now. I loved fairy tales as a child and read them well into high-school and beyond. Not the Disney variety, but the dark tales of the Brothers Grimm and the magical stories of Andrew Grey. This is a tale that could fit nicely into a canon of classical tales.

Érard is the eldest of royal triplets. The young men have been sent on a quest by their father, the king. Not long after beginning his journey, Érard is swept overboard and presumed dead. But, of course, Érard is not dead. That would have made for a very short tale indeed. Instead he finds himself in a deserted place and wanders until he stumbles onto the home of Cat, a beautiful magical creature.

The language of this tale is phenomenal. An air of mystery shrouds the entire piece. Little by little, the bits fall into place until the required happily ever after is achieved.

Like all good fairy tales, sex is alluded to more than shown, so if you’re looking for an erotic story…this ain’t it. What this is is an extremely well paced, entertaining story where good vanquishes evil and love conquers all. Brilliant!!!