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Broken Play (Birmingham Rebels) - Samantha Kane

Let me start by saying, that there are very writers who can float between genres with the ease of Samantha Kane. If truth be told, this author of the bestselling series, Brothers in Arms, was one of the main reasons I even considered giving MM romance a shot. She creates alpha type men and strong female characters that complement one another. And love is always the underpinning of some sizzling sheet time.

With this new series, Ms. Kane introduces the reader to the Birmingham Rebels, The “red-headed stepchild of the NFL. Led by MC Cass Zielinski, the team and their coaches know that this is the last stop before retirement. Hence, they have something to prove.

Now, most of this title involves Cass and Beau trying to get into Marion’s pants. The sexual tension is palatable by the time they finally do anything. But, there are a couple of subplots that really add to the story line and set up the next book in the series, Calling the Play (due out in December).

If you like a nice slow burn to your romance, really big men who need a little shove to get in touch with their feeling, and a woman who learns that kink has a time and a place, you really need to check out Broken Play.

And if you just want to check out one of the most decadent scenes where 5 horny football players pleasure their female assistant coach…and each other, the price of the book is worth just that scene alone.

Fans of Opal Carew, Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon will really enjoy the contemporary offerings of Samantha Kane.

Source: http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/2015/09/04/broken-play-by-samantha-kane


Broken (Last Option Search Team) - Cynthia Eden

A woman walks into an agency that specializes in finding the missing and the lost.  But, she isn't looking for someone else...she's looking for herself.


To say that I love Cynthia Eden is like saying chocolate is okay.  I enjoyed her paranormal series, but for me, it's her romantic suspense that are automatic 1-Clicks.  Broken had me tied up in knots. Every couple chapters I thought I'd figured out the killer, only to have another plot twist thrown in my face.


Gabe is all Alpha male, but Eve/Jessica is no wallflower. Both characters are so multifaceted. As their personal secrets were revealed, they only became more real. Their story is sensuously woven into a tight suspense plot that kept me up long passed my bedtime. It hit all of my buttons, readabilty, plausibilty  and entertaining. And while I'd like to think that I figured out who the villain was, I must say, Cynthia Eden made me work for it.


And as a first book, it is brilliant.  So many secondary characters were introduced that I want to get to know. Book two is about another Lost operative, Dean and a mysterious woman in New Orleans. I can hardly wait.


Highly recommend if you like your men Alpha, your villains smart, and your sex steamy.



Very Nice...

River Rising - Brittan Kunsman

I really enjoyed this book.  It took a bit longer than it usually does for me to finish, but that was because life kept getting in the way.  The story line was engaging and I loved all the characters.


And I loved the fact that it was more than just a romance.  It was a story of family.  Brothers, lovers, kids and wives. 


HIghly recommend.

Bump in the Night

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Bump in the Night - Heidi Belleau, Ally Blue, Sam Schooler, Brien Michaels, Peter  Hansen, Kari Gregg, Rachel Haimowitz, Laylah Hunter

 So, I’ve been reading anthologies lately and almost all of them have this thing in common. No, not the theme (that is a given) rather the fact that after a while all the stories in the anthology seem the same, no unique ones to make a stand, a very few grab your attention. They are nice, but you forget them after a day or two.


But this one, oh my God, this anthology has made it straight to my favorites shelf, and I’ll be damned if I don’t take it down every so often to re-read it again and again and again. You might notice down below on each review how some of these stories have made quite an impact in me, one perhaps has scarred me for life. I swear I’m still going to re-read that incredibly horrifying story for as long as I live. Hell I’m going to have a great time telling them tales when with friends to scare the heck out of them too.



Because that’s what this anthology is about. An incredible mix of dark fiction and explicit erotica meant to scare the living daylight out of you while simultaneously stoking that forbidden dark fire deep down in your shadiest part of your soul. Bump in the Night is definitely my favorite anthology among them all. Many thanks to the very talented authors who created these stories, they were simply wonderful.


Resurrection Man By Laylah Hunter


Oh my, what a marvelous story, how very creepy and brilliant.


What would you do if you were to lose the love of your life? What if you could bring him back from the cold darkness of Death? What price would you pay?


There is nothing Josef wouldn’t do for Adel. All his artistry, all their money, everything he can he’s ready to give. But when he pulls Adel’s spirit back into the living world he realizes the price he ultimately has to pay is much, much bigger than mere money or knowledge. The hunger for life is so much bigger when you’ve been dead after all…

A brilliant paranormal story and so very unique to what I’ve read so far. Honestly I don’t think I’ve read anything similar and the balance between the creepy and sexy and horny is just plain perfect. It’s like a mix of Frankenstein and Vampires with a slight dose of magic thrown in for good measure. I liked it, no I loved it. Everything about it was way cool, the writing, the idea and the way the story went, the play of emotions. Excellent indeed!


This is definitely a story I’d love to tell when around the fire on dark, stormy nights, or around Halloween. And if you love the style I think this is one of those you should not miss.


Mating Season By Kari Gregg


Horrifying, oh I have no words… This is terror, pure, unadulterated terror. Oh my God!!! Oh my guts are screaming in sympathy with the poor character of this story. Oh I have no words as my skin crawls and goosebumps travel my whole body. Oh my freaking God, this is definitely a story I’ll never, ever, EVER forget.


Ok, here it is. Danny has been humiliated. His girlfriend left him right before their marriage for his boss, and said boss fired him right after. Feeling useless and in a dead end in his life Danny hides in his apartment until his friend Keith drags him out for a game of basketball all the time trying to make him feel better and suggesting him to go hiking the lake and get his shit together.


Danny never goes to the lake once autumn rounds the corner. There are tales of a monster living there and Danny deep down believes them. But his friends insistence make him careless and he eventually makes his mind to go hiking. What follows is a crazy scientist, a slimy monster with enormous tentacles, and a poor guy forced into being a lab-rat, all dancing around a horrifying story that includes forced… things and death and addiction and… I have no words!


This is a horror story people! Horror with capital “H”. There is no other way around it. The things that happen to Danny from the very first night he sets foot on that lake are made from the worst of nightmares. I was literally screaming for half this read. My skin still hasn’t stopped crawling and I’m awed at this author’s creativity and slimy tale. OH MY GOD!!!


So I don’t know; did I like it? I don’t know. Was I fascinated by it? Hell yeah. Did it grip me and held me captive despite the gut wrenching horror I felt the entire time? It sure did. Is this what you want? Only if you don’t faint easily and have a strong, strong stomach. Oh God, I’ll never step foot on a lake, ever, ever again.


Flesh and Song By Ally Blue


La Terre de la Belle MortThe Land of Beautiful Death. The island found in no map, whispered only in frightening tales, a sinful promise of all your heart’s desires that come with a severe price.


That is what Noah has been looking for, for nearly eight months. The tale wants the island unfound when you so much search for it. Only by sheer luck or mistake one can land there, only when lost one can be found, but then you might never leave it again…

Just as he’s about to give up the search though a mighty storm leads him to this gorgeous island. But Noah doesn’t know what he wants. Now that he’s here what exactly is he looking for? The gorgeous naked man on the beach calls to him, running through the jungle the call becomes near painful. He must go to him, he needs to before he dies. And there, on a beautiful pool under a waterfall his God awaits, his fathomless black eyes beaconing him forward, his wonderful musical voice urging him to this astonishing creature.


Days, weeks, months pass in the haze of dream that takes everything from him besides the longing for his God. No memories, no ambitions, no will for anything else beside the arms wrapped around him and the sex God giving him all he wants, nothing else exists. Finally Noah understands what he’s been searching for. But he forgot that once he got his heart’s desire, it would come with a price…


This is a gorgeous story, heartbreaking and a bit sad in the end, but gorgeous nonetheless. I believe when I think of a Siren, the emotions this story evoked are exactly right. The promises, the longing, the will to do anything, to give anything for the call of the Siren. Homer would have been ecstatic to have read this version of his Sirens’. What a wonderful story this one.


Out from Under By Brien Michaels


How did it come to this? To get trapped between two demons and their century long vendetta? Each more horrible than the other, every path leading to death… or worse.

Three years under the demon’s spell. Three years of nightmares and being a slave to the demon’s twisted wishes, luring men into their deaths. But when Fromunder killed his lover right in front of his eyes Brant felt his world shift and true Hell consume him. The demon had no hold on him now that his lover was dead, or had he? The promise to bring Jason back was too alluring to deny, the price for that burning his soul, yet nothing would deter him from doing whatever in his power to achieve it.


And that’s how it came to this… lying in the middle of a bed between two sworn enemies, waiting for one to die and the other to consume him… After all he suffered, he would never see his lover again. Right?


This was a very nice story, the evil and viciousness of the paranormal world was so strong, the read so raw not shying away from explicit violence, torture, or sexual abuse, but rather basking in it. A story made from the stuff nightmares come from, a story fit for the spirit of Halloween, a story strong enough to make you lose yourself in its dark depths.

Can you tell I loved this one too?


Sleeping With Ghosts By Peter Hansen


Oh, wow! This was quite a cold story. I don’t know what to make of it really.

In this story Yordan is a Bookman, a priest who is sent to turn the last page of men’s life in order to give a chance for a soulless newborn. A weird world with many Churches, Priests, Brotherhoods. Religion and politics that make an appearance and give you a notion of what this world is about without delving much into it. The story is mostly about Yordan taking a life that was uncalled for, simply by blindly following orders. The soul who lost his body now wanders without a new one to take residence. A haunted night, a cold encounter, rippling feeling of dread… Yes, cold is how this story leaves you, cold from inside out. It gave shivers and frankly it made me want more. I was not satisfied with this short, I wan’t more Bookmen, more Ironmen, more of this world.


However this story was quite worth it and so very in the ghostly atmosphere. Lovely indeed. I still want more though. *sigh*


Blasphemer, Sinner, Saint By Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler


Oh this story was quite brilliant as well. See this is another “deal with a Devil” themed one, but it was so very well executed.


The man who makes the deal doesn’t make it for himself, rather for someone else. He makes a deal for a person he once loved as a boy in dark corners, but shunned in broad daylight. He made the deal for a man he held in contempt, humiliated, and crushed his hopes when he most needed him. Tobias makes a deal for David’s life.

What I loved more in this story was the fact that the Devil here is a creature that as horrific and repulsive as he was described to be, I ended up admiring and actually being my favorite character here. Tobias was this self-righteous Christian charitable man who lacked humbleness and was blind by his bigotry. He perverted and twisted his love for David by convincing himself that David “tempted” him and he still stayed strong and moral, while David “chose” to be the immoral person he became. The brilliancy of the writing here was how the Devil made Tobias become David in the end. How he made him feel and understand and comprehend that sometimes in life there is no choice, sometimes you simply have to do everything in your power for the person you love, own it and never once back out from it.


I loved this story, it was deep with meanings while in the same time was full of those dark sinful erotic scenes that come when you strike a deal with a devil…


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Riptide's ‘Bump in the Night’ Blog Tour and Author Giveaway!

Source: http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/ripetide-bump-in-the-night-blog-tour-and-author-giveaway
Not So Different - A.K.M. Miles I love AKM's romantic writing style. Characters may start out wounded by always find their HEA.
Accidental Alpha (Pack Partners) - Poppy Dennison I am ashamed to admit that this was my first Poppy Dennison read. But, I can assure you, it will not be my last. This was a sweet shifter story, with just enough suspense to keep me interested. I really enjoyed it.
Dance to the Wolf - H.C. Brown Based on the blurb, I probably would not have read this book. I tend to like my shifters in contemporary settings. But, when a reader took offense to one of my reviewers'review, I felt the book deserved a second opinion. That being said...I LOVED this book. It was Game of Thrones meets Supernatural. It was raw and passionate and I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see if there was going to be a HEA. Highly recommend.
Wait for Night - A.J. Llewellyn Deliciously creepy...
William's Heart - Meredith Russell I really enjoyed this novella. It had a laid back flavor that I've come to expect from Meredith Russell. Very nice read if you like classic romance.
A Dream Defiant - Susanna Fraser This is not your typical interracial historical. It was so romantic. Well, maybe not when she asked him to marry her, or the fact that the book starts with her husband dying. But, that aside, this is a story of friends who become lovers. Very sweet.
Cuddling - G.S. Wiley, Rowan McAllister, Dawn Douglas, Stephen Osborne, Anna  Martin, Elizabella Gold, K. Lynn, Eva Clancy, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Anna Butler, Caitlin Ricci, S.H. Allan, Rob Rosen, River Clair, Nico Jaye, A.C.  Valentine This is one of my favorite anthologies this year. It was nice to read about mostly established couples, some who were just connecting, others who need to reconnect, but all very much in love with their partners. Highly recommend.
Weight of Silence - A.M. Arthur This is a wonderful addition to the Cost of Repairs series. The romance is sweet and steamy, with just a touch of suspense to keep you turning pages. Highly recommend.
Aftermath - Cara Dee I cannot find the words to say how much I enjoyed this book. I am always leery of books that deal with any type of PTSD. Too often, the words on the pages do not reflect the realities that I have seen in my nursing practice. But, Aftermath was spot on. Neither of the main characters is miraculously healed overnight. Nor did they just use drugs and alcohol to cope with the aftermath of such a horrible experience. What they did was learn to rely on one another, while accepting the need for personal healing. LOVED this title and HIGHLY recommend it.
One Bratty Omega - Stephani Hecht Yes, Stephanie Hecht is at the top of my guilty pleasure list. She along with Amber Kell and Stormy Grant, make me forget all my hard and fast rules about M/M romance. And Bratty Omega did not disappoint. I loved these characters and enjoyed watching them grow as men and as a couple. Highly recommending this title and this series.
To Kiss a Killer - Amber Kell I hate to say it, but this is the Banded Brothers story that I have been waiting for. Aden has made appearances in all the other books and I have to admit, that I've had a bit of a crush on him from day one. He is uber Alpha...just the way I like my men (gay or straight). Now, I will warn, that while you could read this title as a standalone, it will be much more satisfying if you read them in order. Otherwise, you might miss some of the subtle build up between this human and his sexy warlock. Highly recommend.
The Good Wolf - Meredith Russell Wow. Werewolves that act like wolves. What a refreshing change. I really enjoyed this book and was surprised that an author I think of as a hopeless romantic, did such a good job with a bit of gory suspense. Very well done. Highly recommended.