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The Final Line - Kendall McKenna It takes every ounce of Marine discipline for Corey Yarwood to make it through a day. And the only sleep he gets is found at the bottom of a bottle of Jack Daniels. Living with PTSD is bad enough, but not remembering is even worse. Not to mention that one of his old unit brothers wants to pull Corey into his drama. Now is so not the time to fall in love. Good thing Sean didn’t get that memo.BrothersinArmsw-series250

*squee* I have waited 15 months to find out whatever happened to Yarwood. And man was it worth the wait. Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVED Jonah and Kellan in Brothers at Arms, but there was just something about Corey that spoke to me. He was just this dumb kid, but my mama heart just wanted him to be safe and happy. Watching Kendall break in him down and then allowing Sean to help him put the pieces back together kept me glued to my Kindle for two days. I LOVED THIS STORY!!!

The Final Line is by far, my favorite book of the year. It plays like an action adventure movie. And just like Brothers in Arms, the romance takes a backseat to a very well plotted mystery. The men react like men and the steamy stuff is thrown in all the right places. The medical details of Corey’s struggle with PTSD are spot on, as were Sean’s reactions. The secondary players were great, and I must admit, I wished Kendall wrote Het fiction so she could tell another couple of brothers’ tales. Bottom line, The Final Line had it all, romance, action, suspense and authenticity. I highly recommend this title.

And just in case you are one those readers that jumps right to chapter one, I thought I’d include the important parts of The Final Line’s dedication page. ;-)

First and foremost, for Portia de Moncur, who wrote the first

ever review of Brothers In Arms. She also holds the dubious honor

of being the first to demand Corey Yarwood be given his own

story. Her encouragement is why Jonah, Kellan and Corey live in

more stories.

(Kendall, I’ll be looking for my autographed print copy in the mail. I am beyond honored that you listen to the pleadings of little ole me. ;-) )