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We Danced - Jeff Erno Okay…confession time. I was itching for this book since it popped onto Dreamspinner’s Coming Soon page. The little boy on the cover was absolutely adorable and I couldn’t wait to read his story. But, when I got We Danced in my hot little hands and started to read I almost didn’t make it through chapter one.

No. It wasn’t that the writing was that terrible. Jeff Erno is a fabulous storyteller. I had no trouble picturing a tired barkeep cleaning up at the end of the night. The smell of Pine-sol, the music playing in the background, the timid knock on the door, all set a wonderful mood that sucked me in. Then we came to the dance. I may have mentioned in the past that I strongly disapprove of instalove unless werekin are involved. So for two sober, absolute strangers to slow dance in an empty bar almost had me running for the hills. Then Mr. Erno nicely let Josh have the perfect reaction and I was hooked. No way was I putting this book down, until I reached The End.

Turns out, rather than the sappy mess I feared, We Danced is one of those books that I will go back and re-read again and again. It was absolutely brilliant. Neither Josh nor Rex was looking for a love match. Hell, they weren’t even looking for a hook-up. And Josh is a bit leery of getting involved with a single dad. Their romance unfolds ever so nicely. It’s sexy, it’s funny and Ty is a little angel. I loved that despite their apprehensions, they were both so honest and supportive of each other. Rex and Ty show Josh that there is room in his life for more than just his academic dreams. And Josh helps Rex remember, he had dreams of his own, before his life was tragically altered and Ty became his sole purpose for being. Did I mention the hot,steamy sex…;-) And there is enough blood pressure raising drama to justify me taking extra dose or two, while I read. *smdh* Family…too bad you can’t hand pick them.

I have one more confession…this was my first Jeff Erno read. I know you are probably shaking your head and wondering how I could own a M/M review site and failed to read one of the biggies in the biz…I have no excuse. But, now that I have been introduced properly to this fabulous writer, you can bet, I’ll be begging for his entire backlist.

I am recommending this book to readers who love seeing single dads find love, little boys who are wise beyond their years and sexy young men who have sense enough to alter their dreams to include falling in love.