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The Mystery of Ruby Lode - Scotty Cade Normally, I begin a review with a bit of a blurb. But, I have to preface that with a bit of a confession. I am always nervous when an author jumps genre. I know, that sounds petty, but oh well. Sue me. I like when my favorite writers are predictable and consistent. But, every now and then, one of them surprises me. Scotty Cade shocked the hell out of me…in the nicest possible way.

Now as a writer, I can tell you flashbacks can be hard to pull off. If you put them in the wrong place, or cover the wrong time frame, you can lose your reader. Scotty Cade pulled wove flashbacks into this entire story brilliantly. The Mystery of Ruby Lode begins at the beginning, in the spring of 1914. Frink and his best friend Counter are two young prospectors trying to strike it rich. Realizing that they lack both experience and equipment, they hook up with two other miners to better their odds of actually striking gold. Before they can pull a single piece of ore out of the ground disaster strikes.

Then, we jump to present day. The four friends have been on this type of adventure before. But, this time is different. This time not only their lives are in danger, but their very sanity.

This is a fabulous romantic suspense. I can’t say that enough times. Absolutely brilliant. The pacing was just right. The flashbacks that are woven into the main story let us stay just a head of the four friends. And the touch of paranormal is so well done, that it if you don’t believe if ghosts, you might.

For those of you who are wondering, there is some really hot sex, but it is always tempered with the intimacy of lovers…at least in the present day. ;-) And in true Cade fashion, these are grown ass men, who don’t play head games with their lovers. Each has a secret that must be revealed in order to solve The Mystery of Ruby Lode, all trusting that their secrets will be safe, with their closest friends.

I am recommending this one for, of course, all the Scotty Cade fans…trust me, he delivers. And anyone who loves a good cold case mystery with a touch of paranormal thrown in. Highly recommend.