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Finding Eden - Kele Moon Newsflash: I don’t like bondage. Don’t get me wrong, a little tie-me-up and ass slappin’ is sexy. The whole beat me until I bleed…not so much.

Which is why, I don’t get why Kele Moon is one of my favorite writers. I think it’s because she creates characters that are so real, even my cynical soul can suspend my inner demons and believe the players are getting exactly what they want and need.

This book was particularly satisfying because I already knew the main characters. Beyond Eden was one of the first bondage titles I’d ever read that didn’t creep me out. Going back to see how Danny and Paul began was awesome. And unlike some series that are written out of chronological order…this worked for me.

Paul is a pretty simple guy; he needs pain. Finding out why was sad. Danny, on the other hand is much more complex. For me, his love for Paul was never in question. But, watching him struggle with his feelings, especially guilt over his own masochistic tendencies was heart wrenching.

I will probably never be a big fan of BDSM, but as long as Kele Moon is writing them, I’ll be reading them. Highly recommend to anyone who wants an intense love story between two young men, trying to find themselves and each other.