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Chasing Seth - J.R. Loveless This review first appeared on MM Good Book Reviews.


Another touching angst filled book by J.R. Loveless. Seth has only now started having a semblance of balance after a traumatic event over two years ago. He has come to Senaka for the peace it brings him; little knowing that his life is about to change again. Kasey is the Sheriff of Senaka and he really can’t believe that the old vet sold his practice to a ‘white man’ I mean come on what would a ‘white man’ know about animals except how to hurt, hunt and kill them.

This is quite a controversial story as it has racism and a bigoted attitude by the Cheyenne but not about being gay (no everyone is fine with that). What we have in this story is a firm belief that only the Cheyenne or a Native American could be a werewolf and any person who was white that could change into a wolf is one of the Created and to be hated and feared as well as killed, as they would eventually give themselves over to the wolf and become a monster. Fantastic absolutely fantastic. J.R. Loveless has given us a great story to chew on; one to make us think and to give us a story that isn’t all sweetness and light when it comes to werewolf abilities. A fantastically written storyline and plot that doesn’t give us an easy ride as you will hate and love these characters in equal measure. Although, there is just a little extra sneer from you for Kasey’s father for not telling his pack the truth years ago.

The characters aren’t immediately loveable. They grow on you as you get to know them. With Seth your heart aches when you learn that he has been sheltered from the wolf-shifter world and not even told the most important facts that would keep him safe, the abuse he suffered at the hands of the Created or the prejudice of non-white wolves. I think that after everything that he has been through and now finding a mate who is disgusted with him, that his breaking down and crying every now and again is understandable. He has fear; anger and depression with little hope or joy to look forward to. With Kasey you have a bigot who thinks that the whites are a waste of space and you see his struggle when he finds out that his mate is white and according to him must be a Created One because he’s white. When he accepts the truth you then see his struggle to get his mate to accept him and to be patient while his mate overcomes his fears.

I fully recommend this to everyone who loves shifter and interracial stories because the conflict is good. For those who love hot sex, as it’s scorching and those who love angst and danger… danger with a twist that is.