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Prodigal - A.M. Arthur Let me start by saying, if I’d known what this book was about, I would not have touched it with a ten-foot pole. See, I am basically a wimp. I say that nightlight in the bathroom is for my kids, but truth be told…I’m scared of the dark.

Prodigal scared the bejezus out of me…and I like it. From word one there is a dark tone to this book. You don’t know what drove Ethan from his hometown, but you do know that death is bringing him back.

The romance is secondary to the mystery, for sure. And there is just enough paranormal to make reality even more frightening. Page turning anticipation kept me reading well in the wee hours. This book, for me, was absolutely fantastic. Like I said, I’m pretty much a newbie with the genre, but, I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up A. M. Arthur’s next book. But, Trust me…I’ll be reading it with the lights on. Highly recommend.