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Night Terrors (Night Wardens #1) - Stephani Hecht Stephani Hecht has done it again. She has created a series that is absolutely Chocolicious. In this first book, she does quite a bit of world building. The peace that allowed the warrior protectors, known as Night Wardens, to go into semi-retirement is broken. Rick, a Warden, has been allowed to go off to college; an activity he thinks is a complete waste of time.

When evil shows up on campus, Rick’s calm little world disintegrates in a heartbeat. He is thrust into a role he was literally born to fulfill. Luckily, he has a sexy Guardian to watch his back.

I loved every aspect of this story. Stephani Hecht took her time building up sexual tension between Rick and Jess. But, damn…when she finally let them tangle in the sheets…damn!

One of the nice things I like most about Hecht series is how she introduces main characters from later books as secondary plays in the current book. I’m dying to know if Ari and Adam are going to be a couple of if she has other plans for them. And what kind of man could tame Brad?

All in all, Night Terror is a fabulous read. It is gritty and nasty, funny and sexy and absolutely perfect.